Friday, August 13, 2010

Paradise Valley to Bear Lake

Although it was no longer actively raining when we woke up, the grey overcast day only left us partially inspired for great things. There are lots of possibilites of loops or new valley wanderings, but we decided to just do a day trip and stay the night again in paradise.

George Anne Looking Back Down Paradise Valley


So we hiked to the end of the valley, and up to the top of the pass. Here we were torn about whether to follow the ridge to the peak, or to go down the steep scree and across another valley to Grizzly bear lakes.

Top of the Ridge


In the end the ridgeline was more appealing,so we scrambled down it a fair ways, but it was remarkably steep and more exposed than I like. The combination of loose rock over polished smoothe rock makes my self preservation instinct rise up and anxiety ensues...Then the rain came back and it was now wet, steep, loose and exposed, we turned around and I have no regrets.

Spicy Ridgeline
Photo by: GeorgeAnne Sprinkle


Although it was raining, we both felt like we had some more walking inside us, so we dropped over the other side into a barren moonscape of glacial morraine. The plants have yet to claim this side, and only close to Grizzly bear lake did it get green again.

Grizzly Bear Lake

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A lovely walk with a great friend, couldn't think of a better way to spend a rainy day.

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