Friday, May 28, 2010

Wolverine Peak

I just switched over to working the night shift, and I'm still trying to figure out the best way to transition in and out of staying up all night. So I went up Wolverine peak in the AM, and managed to nap for 4 hours after....I might be on to something. Trail conditions were good overall, just a couple muddy spots and a patch of isothermic snow at the top.

Top of Wolverine Peak

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eagle River

The day started out super ambitious, we were going to go ski in Ram valley. A couple hours later we were confronted with a gate and No Trespassing signs that someone took the the time embellish with shiny red letters "No Hikers". This is the first time I've been up there when it said no hikers, someone had put in a trail last year that allowed access. Even though we weren't technically hikers I still felt discriminated against. We debated the trespassing issue for a while, and I vetoed the idea of hiking through green blooming alder bushes in the sun in search of questionable skiing. In the end Ryan and I headed down the road to the Eagle River nature center.

Ryan and I


Eagle River


Our ambitions were slowly sucked out of us by the oppressive Alaskan heatwave, and at Icicle creek our quick snack break turned into sunbathing nap time. I remember saying, "It feels like its a 100 degrees out"...and it was!

This Really Happened



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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Matanuska River: Caribou to Glacier Park

Raina got invited along by some friends to go raft Lions Head on the Matanuska River, and since we were going to do something that day anyway, I got to come along. I've floated various sections of the Matanuska river, but never the infamous Lions Head.

Raina Pack Rafting the Caribou River


I was super tempted to try and float Lions Head in my pack raft because we were accompanied by 2 big rafts and a kayaker, but I am SO glad that Raina's level headedness made me reconsider. I would have gotten swallowed and pummeled. Those waves were huge and savage.

The Big Boat


I didn't get any pictures of the rapids on the river because I was to busy paddling and holding on. I don't think I have any desire to float huge water in my pack raft, its just to powerful.

Lions Head


Super beautiful day out in the sun.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The S Couloir on Ptarmigan

The Rabbit lake trail started out dry, but it wasn't too long before Heather and I were skinning over deep snow. We did have to side hill over some rocks, but managed to skin for a while longer before we booted up the S. Side of Ptarmigan peak.

Heather Booting Up the South Side of Ptarmigan

The snow looked very promising from our vantage point sitting on the sunny rocks, it wasn't until Heather hit the shade that I knew it wasn't going to be good. It was everything that I really don't like in snow consistency...icy, steep, and lumpy. We made turns but they echoed off the walls, it was super chattery.

The Top of the S. Couloir

It was a really cool ski line, but I felt pretty relieved when I got to the bottom in one piece. I would love to ski it again in better snow conditions.

Heather and I at the Bottom of the S. Couloir

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Even though the snow wasn't very good, it was still a fantastic day out. I love doing loops and it was super fun to go up the South side and out the North side to Glen Alps.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homer Trip and Sightseeing Along the Way

I've been wanting to get out of town something fierce this spring. My feet need to wander, I'd love to leave the state, or country, but unfortunately its just not going to happen any time soon. Its rare that I go anywhere without a ski/climb/float/hike/run/get the point/ objective, but that's what this Homer trip was about. Loose thoughts of things to do, but absolutely no objectives.

Rapheal and I loaded my car with a cooler, firewood, bikes, packrafts, a croquet course, kites, and car camping gear. Our trip actually really reminded me of road tripping with my Dad as a kid, we stopped every few miles and we didn't even make it close to Homer the first day.

Rapheal and I Floating the Kenai River

The weather was kind of cold and definitely a bit iffy on the rain factor. But it held off for our float, the Kenai river is a very alluring green color. Super mellow floating, we did not do the canyon section.

Anchor Point

We camped on the spit, surrounded by ocean smells, sand, and occasional waves when the tide was high. We ate good food at Fat Olives, drank our share of cocktails, and were generally pretty lazy. It felt like a real vacation.

Camp on the Beach

Rapheal out Tide Pooling

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Slide Show!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Coolest Bench I've Sat on For a Long Time

Sometimes when its nice out and I don't really feel like getting a lot of exercise I'll take my book to somewhere pretty and be lazy. The Turnagain Arm Trail has been a favorite this spring for "runs", but I've never walked it. Turns out I missed this bench because it was just a little off the trail. It was built by an Eagle Scout.

The Bench

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Turnagain Arm