Saturday, May 22, 2010

The S Couloir on Ptarmigan

The Rabbit lake trail started out dry, but it wasn't too long before Heather and I were skinning over deep snow. We did have to side hill over some rocks, but managed to skin for a while longer before we booted up the S. Side of Ptarmigan peak.

Heather Booting Up the South Side of Ptarmigan

The snow looked very promising from our vantage point sitting on the sunny rocks, it wasn't until Heather hit the shade that I knew it wasn't going to be good. It was everything that I really don't like in snow consistency...icy, steep, and lumpy. We made turns but they echoed off the walls, it was super chattery.

The Top of the S. Couloir

It was a really cool ski line, but I felt pretty relieved when I got to the bottom in one piece. I would love to ski it again in better snow conditions.

Heather and I at the Bottom of the S. Couloir

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Even though the snow wasn't very good, it was still a fantastic day out. I love doing loops and it was super fun to go up the South side and out the North side to Glen Alps.

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