Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Rainy Weekend

This weather is getting OLD!!! I feel so motivated to go out and have long days in the mountains, but there is only so much I can do in the pouring rain, besides get drenched.

So on Saturday I woke up and it was raining, the clouds were low, and I was antsy. I decided to check out Hatcher's pass with my back up plan of going for a run. On the way out I stopped at some garage sales and then my friend Sharlene's. I have known her since I was twelve....thats a long time! She is about to give birth any minute. I'm amazed by how much a baby takes over a womens body, especially toward the end of pregnancy.

My Super Pregnant Friend Sharlene


It was only a moderate sprinkle when I got to Archangel valley road. I had no desire to run anything that wasn't wide open....the bushes hold an amazing amount of water that they gladly share as you pass. On the return the clouds just let it all loose, I think its easier to push myself when its pouring on me and the car gets closer the faster I run.....

Driving in the Rain


Looking back toward Archangel Valley Road

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On Sunday morning I met up with my friend was still crappy out, so we decided to go up to the snow hawk cabins and try temptation peak, if the weather was tempting make a long story short and stick to the theme of my summer, I'll just say we took the wrong turn, didn't want to bushwack, or turn around and go excessive snot rocketry wasn't making me feel any more motivated so we were back to the car by noon, and I went home and took the longest, most wonderful nap! And that concluded another dreary weekend.

Ship Creek

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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Gold Mint Trail: Hatcher's Pass

"Its so green out today" was David's take on the scene. Something about the dourness of the day around us really made the greenery emanate its greenness that much more.


Originally our intent was to try and do the Bomber traverse. I kept thinking that surely the nice weather I saw from the south that morning should be arriving any minute to replace the soggy bottom clouds above was not to be. I went up into the clouds to test their was thick up there....and raining and white...all the things not conducive to finding the pass 1,500 feet above us.

The David Hiking up to the Mint Hut


So even though i'm not sponsored the 'Buff' I just have to say that it is my new favorite head covering. For those of you that know I'm actually serious when I say I'm organizing my hat collection, these are words not written lightly. Not only is it colorful, cute and festive, but its also highly functional. One moment its a hat, then a bandanna, then a balaclava, neck gaitor...whatever you need it to be.

The New 'Buff' Me


Looking Down on the Mint Hut

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David Wearing His Signature Outdoors Man Long Undies
(I have to make fun on him till he buys a pair of proper pants!)



Me and My Friend David



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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Got Groppled On: Triangle Peak

Despite the dreary looking day I was overcome with the need to be out in the mountains, and that trumped my desire to stay dry. Triangle peak seems to be the least scramble intensive of all the peaks I would like to do in the South fork of Eagle River valley, whereas Eagle and Cantata are more weather dependent.

Looking into the mist I would soon be intimate with


Self Portrait of a white summit


Beautiful Cantata Peak


Into the Bowl

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Symphony Lake


Cloud Reflection


Eagle Lake


Me with Peaks

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Triangle Peak

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All in all it was a great day out by myself. I covered 18 miles, gained 4,700 feet and did in car to car in 6.5 hours with time to take over 100 pictures along the way. Sometimes perseverance in spite of crappy weather is rewarded, this was one of those occasions.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Byron Glacier

The Byron Glacier


The Toe of the Receding Icefall


Portage Valley and Lake

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Windy River Valley




Looking up River


Pantie Crossing

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Me Heading Up Valley

Me the Funny Looking Caribou

Bushwacking Hell

Brief Blue Skies

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UH Oh Soft Snow


Beautiful Mountain Country


Snail with Shell at Camp


Looking Back From Where We Came

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Side Trip to Fairbanks and Beyond

When Ry and I woke up in Cantwell the next morning it was raining without restraint. I probably should mention that Ryan is made of candy and actually melts in the rain. With this as his achilles heel, we had no choice but to drive to McKinley village for coffee and breakfast, and by then we reasoned surely it would have stopped raining.

The next thing I knew after we were sufficiently caffeinated is we were on our way to Fairbanks, destination Chena Hot Springs.

We ended up staying one night at the hot springs and it was pretty much wonderful. There is a large outdoor pool, rimmed with very large boulders, and the rain actually feels good when your immersed in hot water. No pictures though because of all the rain!

Again when we woke up it was a drizzly grey mess outside. We went for another soak and then decided to head back to Cantwell. After driving about 20 minutes we came to the granite tors trail head, right off the side of the road.....I hadn't got any exercise for almost a week because I was recovering from being wrecked after my run up Wolverine. I convinced Ry we should stop, because it was only sprinkling, not really raining at all. He committed to walking a hour up the trail with me...but things happen and....

Ryan Climbing Up the Lizard Tor


The Ridge


The trail for the most part was excellent. There was just one notable swampy section where there really needed to be a boardwalk....our feet got soaked.

Ry Shedding Some Water


My Alien Impersonation


Hiking the Tors Ridge

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It was a great 15 mile hike through scenic country. The weather got nicer as the day went along. By the time we got back to the car, we opted to stay another night out on the river, and then drive back to Cantwell the following day. We found a massive pile of firewood, roasted sausages, skipped rocks and enjoyed being outside.

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