Friday, April 25, 2008

I Guess I Was Wrong!

Its hard to believe that last night I wrote that spring was finally here, and today I have at least 8 inches on my railing.

Soft Grey Snowy Day


I'm really lucky to have friends like Lynn who although she recognizes the absurdity of running uphill in a snowstorm, it still doesn't stop her. Even looking at the world thru frozen eyelashes, and listening to me bitch about running uphill through snow, she maintains a sunny smile.

Lynn and I


A Look out My Window


Its still snowing....I love these late spring surprises!!!!
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Think its Really Spring This Time

What an amazing weekend I had. My friend Bridgette came to town and we saw live music, went ice climbing, and then went up Bird Ridge on a blue bird day filled with men running down without shirts. AMAZING!

Balancing Like a Ballerina


The Very Lovely Turnagain Arm


Bridgette and I


It was truly an unsual Sunday out because I saw what felt like HUNDREDS of men on this ridge with NO SHIRTS!!! It really is spring time out here! It was wonderful.

Poor Man is Now on the Internet

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

An Improbable Day: Hunter Creek

As I parked yesterday at Hunter Creek I felt like I must be crazy for thinking that it was still ice climbing season. The sun was HOT, the pavement DRY, the snow GONE, and the river completely OPEN. All sorts of things that usually don't align in an ice climbers day out. But I figured I might as well go for a beautiful walk, and usually in Hunter Creek you get shut down so early that I thought it was worth stretching our legs.

Beautiful Spring Day at Hunter Creek


So my surprise intensified the farther in I walked, alternating from river bars to ice shelfs. There were some moments of doubt as I crossed ice bridges baking in the 50 degree sun...but they held!

Bridgette Navigating a Narrowing Ice shelf


Hollowhead finally appeared high on the canyon wall, fully frozen and HUGE! We stood underneath it and I knew that we would be climbing ice today as improbable as it felt at the parking lot.

We ended up climbing Lost in Space, which was tucked away in the shade and had very high quality blue plastic goodness.

Bridgette was visiting from Juneau for the weekend. She did awesome. It was cool.

Capturing the Moment


Bridgette Stylin it Out

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Across from lost in space there was another beautiful looking climb baking in the sun. It was different from the climb across lost chord, and I had never climbed it before. Bridgette didn't know any better to tell me "no", so off we went! Starting up after 5pm....Have I mentioned how much i love spring?!! The first 350 feet or so was pretty much grade 1+, and the top pitch looked really short and mellow too. But is was actually kinda steep, a great end to a beautiful day.

So as the sun finished setting we finished walking out of the was 11!!! I love spring!!!

Spring in Hunter Creek 2008_04_19

Out in the Backyard

Its so easy to forget that even though it is spring in Anchorage, its still winter in the mountains. And that it so easy to drive out of Anchorage and into the mountains. I love it!

Wind Scour


Fresh Tracks in Tennis Shoes


GeorgeAnne and I



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Monday, April 7, 2008

Fast and Fabulous Day

I wanted to spend all day Sunday in the mountains. I have been so nuking busy the last three weeks, that I haven't gotten to play since I went to Valdez. Play time is important to me, without it I easily become disenchanted with the rest of my life. Although I didn't get to do what I had planned, and I didn't end up spending all day in the mountains, it was enough to satisfy my inner climbing junkie.

Me in the Mini Cave Below the Pillars


I do have to say that nothing has slid down this HUGE avalanche gulley all season, which is very unusual. So what that means is that when it slides, its going to go big and there is going to be massive carnage if anyone is unlikely enough to be in the gulley when it happens.

The Left and Right Climb


The right pillar wasn't nearly as hero as I wanted it to be. It was a combination of almost sun baked/reform, with a lot of hollow chandeliery stuff. It still climbed well, but after spending the weekend on guiding on Ripple in the Canyon, it definately kept me on my toes.

The Right Climb


This route was my first lead climb. I still remember my friend Sharmin yelling at me to put in another screw, but my eyes were on a good stance that just seemed to get farther and farther away. Part of me feels like I should be trying to find new routes to do, since I have probably climbed the Hillside pillars at least 50 times, and the other part of me loves it up here and is content to just be in the mountains.

My Standard Top Out Self Portrait


There is something insanely gratifying to me about going out by myself. Maybe its from my formative climbing years when I always needed a stronger male partner to lead the routes, and I secretely wanted to be on the sharp end but was to scared to make the moves, since someone else always would. Who knows, but I do know that I love the freedom of being confident enough to climb by myself.
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