Sunday, October 26, 2008

Shut Down

It was dark when I woke up on Saturday morning, and only the thought of climbing some ice motivated me to get out of my big, warm bed....its been months since I have swung my tools, placed a screw, or flaked out my ropes. After many cups of coffee, Lynn and I headed out to the Glen Alps parking lot, with the hopes of climbing O'Malley Falls.

Little did we know that as soon as we left the safety of the trees the wind would smack us down and make us cry for face masks and goggles.

Self Portrait with Lynn in the Background


We took our approach skis and wore our mountaineering boots. On the beautifully flat, groomed snow, I felt like a soon as I entered the land of tundra bumps, rocks, and a trail I couldn't pizza pie on, I started having spectacular wipe outs. At one point I got turtled, rolled around this way and that,but couldn't stand up to save my life, until I took my pack off...I think Lynn really enjoyed the show, because usually she's eating shit on skis, and I'm laughing. So eventually we both ditched our skis and continued down the valley.

Stormy Day


The farther we headed back the worse the weather and trail got. It started snowing, and kept blowing harder, and gusting even harder. Our faces started freezing, eyes squinting, and of course the trail disappeared underneath wind drifts...but we kept going....Lynn and I have the knack for enduring ridiculous conditions together...I think most people would have the good sense to turn around, but somehow our enthusiasm powers us through horrible terrain.

The Moment of Clarity

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About three hours into our approach to the falls we started stopping, turning our backs to the wind, to give our faces a break, and started questioning the worthiness of our objective. In the end it was deemed not worthy enough for the suffering involved. With face masks and goggles it would have been much more pleasant, and next time it will be in my arsenal.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skiing with the Big Boys

Ryan, Zach, Mike, Hugh and I had a fantastic day of early season powder skiing. It wasn't easy keeping up with such a fine group of fit men, but the view from behind wasn't bad...until they were out of site : ) ! Its not often that I go out with all boys, not that I mind, its just that I am lucky to know cool chicks who like to rally outside too.

I didn't hit one rock all was wonderful. The hoar frost is building into a fine feathery layer that makes a beautiful tinkling sound when you ski through it...its music.

Hugh Crossing a Homemade Bridge


Ryan and Hugh Looking Down the Run


Me after the Run


If you look close at this picture of beautiful lines, there is a small slab slide that went to the ground...

Beautiful Powder Lines

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Bluebird Day at April Bowl

The skiing at Hatcher Pass is shaping up into fantastically fluffy lines. Although it doesn't look like there is enough snow, there actually is. We made four runs, and I only hit one rock all day. A huge improvement!!!

Ryan and Mike on the Ridge Above April Bowl


Wind Scour on Ridge


I Like The Textures


Ryan Heading Up

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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lane Glacier

Although there is new snow on the ground today, last Saturday the "front range" mountains were wind abused, with only pathetic strips of snow left. Ryan of course only wants to ski..."what else could we possibly do right now", and Saturday is our one day to play together right I took one for the team, and ventured back out to Hatcher Pass to assess the damage. We drove up toward the upper parking area past wind scoured slopes, and looked up at our "run" out if we went to April Bowl...dismal....the road had snow...but I didn't want to ski that. So we turned around and decided to try the Lane glacier. All the way down Archangel valley road Ryan muttered obscenities about lack of road maintainence, as we bucked in and out of car swallowing pot holes....I kinda like the road, especially when I'm not in my car.

Ryan Heading toward the Lane Hut


The sun came out for about 15 minutes and it was amazing, Ryan and I sat down, ate snacks and reveled in the Vit D.

Ry and I


Its a really long approach to the Lane Glacier, it just keeps going and going, with some really festive moves on skis in the boulder fields...keeps things interesting.

Ryan had his camera with him...which is pretty unusual...I skied with my bike helmet, because I don't like the way my ski helmet fits, something is better than nothing right?

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

First Day of the Ski Season

Last weekend Ry, Lynn and I drove up a very dry road to Hatcher Pass. I was feeling pretty skeptical of the snow, and after skiing over a few hundred rocks, it was justified. Still a great day out, plus Lynn is starting to make the transition to skis which is very exciting!

Ry and Lynn Heading up to the Pass



Lynn Skiing!!

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