Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Skiing with the Big Boys

Ryan, Zach, Mike, Hugh and I had a fantastic day of early season powder skiing. It wasn't easy keeping up with such a fine group of fit men, but the view from behind wasn't bad...until they were out of site : ) ! Its not often that I go out with all boys, not that I mind, its just that I am lucky to know cool chicks who like to rally outside too.

I didn't hit one rock all day...it was wonderful. The hoar frost is building into a fine feathery layer that makes a beautiful tinkling sound when you ski through it...its music.

Hugh Crossing a Homemade Bridge


Ryan and Hugh Looking Down the Run


Me after the Run


If you look close at this picture of beautiful lines, there is a small slab slide that went to the ground...

Beautiful Powder Lines

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