Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lane Glacier

Although there is new snow on the ground today, last Saturday the "front range" mountains were wind abused, with only pathetic strips of snow left. Ryan of course only wants to ski..."what else could we possibly do right now", and Saturday is our one day to play together right I took one for the team, and ventured back out to Hatcher Pass to assess the damage. We drove up toward the upper parking area past wind scoured slopes, and looked up at our "run" out if we went to April Bowl...dismal....the road had snow...but I didn't want to ski that. So we turned around and decided to try the Lane glacier. All the way down Archangel valley road Ryan muttered obscenities about lack of road maintainence, as we bucked in and out of car swallowing pot holes....I kinda like the road, especially when I'm not in my car.

Ryan Heading toward the Lane Hut


The sun came out for about 15 minutes and it was amazing, Ryan and I sat down, ate snacks and reveled in the Vit D.

Ry and I


Its a really long approach to the Lane Glacier, it just keeps going and going, with some really festive moves on skis in the boulder fields...keeps things interesting.

Ryan had his camera with him...which is pretty unusual...I skied with my bike helmet, because I don't like the way my ski helmet fits, something is better than nothing right?

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