Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Summer of Misadventure

Sometimes things in life don't work out according to the plan. For the last three weeks I have just been repeatedly crushed by seemingly harmless outings. I go, I return, the next day I can hardly walk. Three times this summer I have been so worked after running that my quads refused to engage and my leg just crumpled underneath me. Usually this happens once a summer than I'm over that hurdle and don't get sore and if I do, i recover well....this summer I just am not recovering physically before I'm mentally ready to go hard again, and I get crushed.

Is it a sign of my advancing age? Is this what happens when you get older? Is my head just more motivated than my body? I'm not sure, what I do know is that I want to do the crow pass crossing on July 19th, and I am woefully under trained, as usual. How does time pass so fast every year without me getting enough mileage under my belt? This year I have just been wrecked so often I can't run 2 miles much less increase my distance to 14, 16, 18 ect...

So instead I go for mellow bike rides on the coastal trail and take pictures.

The Muddy Cook Inlet

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