Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Got Groppled On: Triangle Peak

Despite the dreary looking day I was overcome with the need to be out in the mountains, and that trumped my desire to stay dry. Triangle peak seems to be the least scramble intensive of all the peaks I would like to do in the South fork of Eagle River valley, whereas Eagle and Cantata are more weather dependent.

Looking into the mist I would soon be intimate with


Self Portrait of a white summit


Beautiful Cantata Peak


Into the Bowl

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Symphony Lake


Cloud Reflection


Eagle Lake


Me with Peaks

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Triangle Peak

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All in all it was a great day out by myself. I covered 18 miles, gained 4,700 feet and did in car to car in 6.5 hours with time to take over 100 pictures along the way. Sometimes perseverance in spite of crappy weather is rewarded, this was one of those occasions.

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Kellie said...

18 miles and 4700' in 6.5 hours - you are a madwoman!!!! Well done, I was hoping that's what you were out doing when I saw the sun :)