Monday, July 21, 2008

The Gold Mint Trail: Hatcher's Pass

"Its so green out today" was David's take on the scene. Something about the dourness of the day around us really made the greenery emanate its greenness that much more.


Originally our intent was to try and do the Bomber traverse. I kept thinking that surely the nice weather I saw from the south that morning should be arriving any minute to replace the soggy bottom clouds above was not to be. I went up into the clouds to test their was thick up there....and raining and white...all the things not conducive to finding the pass 1,500 feet above us.

The David Hiking up to the Mint Hut


So even though i'm not sponsored the 'Buff' I just have to say that it is my new favorite head covering. For those of you that know I'm actually serious when I say I'm organizing my hat collection, these are words not written lightly. Not only is it colorful, cute and festive, but its also highly functional. One moment its a hat, then a bandanna, then a balaclava, neck gaitor...whatever you need it to be.

The New 'Buff' Me


Looking Down on the Mint Hut

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David Wearing His Signature Outdoors Man Long Undies
(I have to make fun on him till he buys a pair of proper pants!)



Me and My Friend David



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ginnylynnpeterson said...

My goal is to be on your next blog posting! Your adventures look amazing!