Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Rainy Weekend

This weather is getting OLD!!! I feel so motivated to go out and have long days in the mountains, but there is only so much I can do in the pouring rain, besides get drenched.

So on Saturday I woke up and it was raining, the clouds were low, and I was antsy. I decided to check out Hatcher's pass with my back up plan of going for a run. On the way out I stopped at some garage sales and then my friend Sharlene's. I have known her since I was twelve....thats a long time! She is about to give birth any minute. I'm amazed by how much a baby takes over a womens body, especially toward the end of pregnancy.

My Super Pregnant Friend Sharlene


It was only a moderate sprinkle when I got to Archangel valley road. I had no desire to run anything that wasn't wide open....the bushes hold an amazing amount of water that they gladly share as you pass. On the return the clouds just let it all loose, I think its easier to push myself when its pouring on me and the car gets closer the faster I run.....

Driving in the Rain


Looking back toward Archangel Valley Road

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On Sunday morning I met up with my friend was still crappy out, so we decided to go up to the snow hawk cabins and try temptation peak, if the weather was tempting make a long story short and stick to the theme of my summer, I'll just say we took the wrong turn, didn't want to bushwack, or turn around and go excessive snot rocketry wasn't making me feel any more motivated so we were back to the car by noon, and I went home and took the longest, most wonderful nap! And that concluded another dreary weekend.

Ship Creek

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