Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Skis Went for a Beautiful Walk

I got to spend my birthday in such a beautiful place this year. Ryan and I decided to do our annual pilgrimage back the South fork of Eagle River valley to try and climb Eagle Peak (we always get shut down). We had moderate success only a few days before with skiing, so we figured that ski's would be a great idea for this trip too...after all it sits up higher and farther back in the mountains....

Cantada in the Clouds


Hiking In


Eagle Lake and Peak


Home Sweet Home


Cool Misty Mountains

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Amazing Bug Swarm


Eagle Lake and the Hiland Valley


Ry Behind the Lake in the Bushes


Walking Around the Many River Braids

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Heading Up


Ryan Skinning


Me at the Top of the Run
Picture by Ryan Campbell


Me Making Some Good Corn Turns
Picture by Ryan Campbell

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Ryan Getting Ready to Ski

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Sunset Picture

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But as the title implies, my skis were doing more walking than skiing, and we didn't make the summit, again. It takes a lot of effort to get back in that valley, but it truly is a magical place filled with beautiful steep mountains.


Kellie said...

Hooray for finally posting!!! Do you believe I've never been back to Eagle and Symphony Lakes? I really need to get out in that area!!!

ginnylynnpeterson said...

I love the skirt on the way up....but where did it go on the ski down?!?! Miss getting out with you!