Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homer Trip and Sightseeing Along the Way

I've been wanting to get out of town something fierce this spring. My feet need to wander, I'd love to leave the state, or country, but unfortunately its just not going to happen any time soon. Its rare that I go anywhere without a ski/climb/float/hike/run/get the point/ objective, but that's what this Homer trip was about. Loose thoughts of things to do, but absolutely no objectives.

Rapheal and I loaded my car with a cooler, firewood, bikes, packrafts, a croquet course, kites, and car camping gear. Our trip actually really reminded me of road tripping with my Dad as a kid, we stopped every few miles and we didn't even make it close to Homer the first day.

Rapheal and I Floating the Kenai River

The weather was kind of cold and definitely a bit iffy on the rain factor. But it held off for our float, the Kenai river is a very alluring green color. Super mellow floating, we did not do the canyon section.

Anchor Point

We camped on the spit, surrounded by ocean smells, sand, and occasional waves when the tide was high. We ate good food at Fat Olives, drank our share of cocktails, and were generally pretty lazy. It felt like a real vacation.

Camp on the Beach

Rapheal out Tide Pooling

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