Monday, May 24, 2010

The Matanuska River: Caribou to Glacier Park

Raina got invited along by some friends to go raft Lions Head on the Matanuska River, and since we were going to do something that day anyway, I got to come along. I've floated various sections of the Matanuska river, but never the infamous Lions Head.

Raina Pack Rafting the Caribou River


I was super tempted to try and float Lions Head in my pack raft because we were accompanied by 2 big rafts and a kayaker, but I am SO glad that Raina's level headedness made me reconsider. I would have gotten swallowed and pummeled. Those waves were huge and savage.

The Big Boat


I didn't get any pictures of the rapids on the river because I was to busy paddling and holding on. I don't think I have any desire to float huge water in my pack raft, its just to powerful.

Lions Head


Super beautiful day out in the sun.

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