Thursday, May 27, 2010

Eagle River

The day started out super ambitious, we were going to go ski in Ram valley. A couple hours later we were confronted with a gate and No Trespassing signs that someone took the the time embellish with shiny red letters "No Hikers". This is the first time I've been up there when it said no hikers, someone had put in a trail last year that allowed access. Even though we weren't technically hikers I still felt discriminated against. We debated the trespassing issue for a while, and I vetoed the idea of hiking through green blooming alder bushes in the sun in search of questionable skiing. In the end Ryan and I headed down the road to the Eagle River nature center.

Ryan and I


Eagle River


Our ambitions were slowly sucked out of us by the oppressive Alaskan heatwave, and at Icicle creek our quick snack break turned into sunbathing nap time. I remember saying, "It feels like its a 100 degrees out"...and it was!

This Really Happened



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