Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Headwall Traverse

Anytime I can catch Kellie for a walk in the woods I feel lucky to be a part of her insanely busy schedule. When she said it was sunny in Girdwood I felt like the stars had aligned and I needed to take this unique opportunity to do the Headwall Traverse above the ski slope in G-wood, and I left the house an hour later.

Right away Max's was a fun hike, nothing like climbing up the trees and root systems...I never knew it was so steep!

Kellie Climbing Trees on Max's Mountain


Looking out at the Turnagain Arm


Beautiful views surrounded us the whole time we walked the ridge. I could see remnants of the huge cornice that overhangs glacier bowl in the winter. Definitely a hike to save for toward the end of summer.

Heading Towards the Headwall


Heading Down Toward the Quad

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Yam fries, burgers and beer ended the day in fine style.

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