Friday, August 20, 2010

Ha Ling Peak and Mt. Lawerence Grassi

The day started out innocently enough, drinking coffee with talks of a mellow first day out in the Canadian rockies. Ha Ling peak is an aesthetic mountain, with one side being a shear vertical drop, and the other a much more gentle rocky slope. It was minutes from where we had "camped" and a natural choice.

Lynn and I on Top of Ha Ling Peak with Mt Lawerence Grassi in the Background


It seemed natural to continue down the ridge and go up the adjacent peak Mt. Lawerence Grassi. The author of the guide book, 'Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies' mentioned that the route was obvious to him, albeit difficult route finding according to other parties. All one had to do was follow down sloping ledges. Seemed simple enough to me, I consider myself pretty decent at route finding...

Me Heading Down Ha Ling's Ridge
Photo By: Lynn Peterson


The route definitely took some finding, I wasn't sure what was considered game on in a guide book without a rope. The first steep section was loose but doable. After another steep spot we really didn't want to down climb and figured it was worth going higher. It was kind of like a layer cake, steep limestone cliffs interspersed with bands of scree. Then came the point where down climbing was a last resort and joked about having to call Canadian rescue on our first day out...

The Final Sneak Through


Suddenly I wasn't really having fun anymore, I was scared and anxious. We had one more layer in the cake and if there wasn't a frosting ramp to the top, we were looking at a scary retreat. The last possible place to sneak through to the ridge was revealed and apparently we were on route. I find it funny that at the most obvious place on the route we found a cairn, the irony being there were no cairns on this route, and it was only obvious if you wanted to solo steep, loose rock.

Lynn on Top Of Mt. Lawerence Grassi

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Once we gained the ridge it was smooth sailing to the top. There we enjoyed the hazy view and smells of forest fire, laughing about our first "mellow day out". I was happy to be alive.

Slide of Both Lynn and Sherrie's Pictures


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