Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mt. Shark Attempt

The Canadian Rockies stretch in endless rows of jagged mountains, more exploration than most mortals would have time. Lynn and I had 2 guidebooks at our disposal, each filled with very appealing things to do. It was so hard to decide when the options were endless. So we agreed to drive down the road and stop when we saw something we were interested in. Funny enough in retrospect, it was Tent ridge that had caught our eye, and not Shark mountain where we actually ended up.

On our way up to Mt. Shark we passed by a Karst, in very basic terms the outflow for water that has been flowing through a limestone mountain. It was really cool to walk up a beautiful steep creek tumbling over mossy rocks and steep deadfall, and then come to an innocuous opening straight out of the rock where it made a little pool before it plunged down the incline.

A Karst


Leave it to Lynn and I to pick a peak that doesn't have a trail to the top. Instead we enjoyed some light Canadian bushwacking, and by light I mean No alders and No devils club, how lucky can a bushwhacker get?

Cool Mushroom


After a brief detour up and over the ridge, we turned ourselves around and headed up. The going was really good over treeline, for at least 500 ft. Then it got steeper, and steeper and more exposed....felt flashbacks of panic to the day before. On this peak though there was no other way down than the way up, and we still only had our running shoes and no rope or helmet.

Nice to Be above Treeline


Then we got past the "gently slabby ridge" and were confronted with the "brief section of exposure" ie death fall while soloing. Its been a long time since I've felt so much exposure, I didn't want it, it wasn't enjoyable. Spanked again!

Lynn Heading Up

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After we hiked out we got in the van and drove up to Lake Louise. Its a small town nestled in spectacular mountains with a lake that could be described as an energized seafoam green with the opaqueness of glacial silt.

Slide Show of Lynn and My Pics


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