Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crow Pass to Paradise...Valley that is...

George Anne and I weren't really sure where we were going until we actually got in the car. With all the crappy rain we were unsure of where had the most potential to be dry. In the end we decided the state was covered in clouds and we weren't going to drive more than 2 hours north or south. George Anne said she had a good feeling about Girdwood and we were sick of waffling, so we settled on Crow Pass, with intentions of doing great things, or staying in the hut and drinking crown royal.

George Anne and I


Checking out the Waterfall Canyon


We made it to the cabin having salutary libations while we enjoyed scenic vistas, and might have stayed there if there wasn't already a euro occupation and because we were having a great time enjoying the "vista" stops.

The first time I hiked crow pass was 15 years ago, and I've probably done it 20 times since, but this was the first time I was shocked at how scrawny the toe of the glacier had become.

The Toe of the Raven Glacier


The side hill traverse to gain Paradise valley epitomized all I hate about side hilling, but it was thankfully relatively short. Paradise valley is aptly named, the views were impressive and the lichen padded flat tundra next to the babbling brook added comfort and ambiance.

George Anne Heading up Clear Creek

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We made camp, ate dinner and went to sleep with thoughts of the bear we had just seen crossing the slope below us.

Enjoy the slide show!

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