Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3: Lovely Alpine Walking to a New Valley

Raina and I woke up, packed camp and continued walking through stunning fall alpine colors. Right before we dropped into a drainage a young brown bear came out of the bushes. Raina with her eagle eyes spotted him first and yelled bear. We got out the bear sprizzle and stood next to each other looking big. He went out of sight, circled us and then gave us another good look, but Raina told him to "Beat it", and then he slowly rambled away.


The trail was intermittent but we got on something good before we dropped into the trees and down to the White River. From there it was beautiful open tundra and grass, we picked up a four wheeler trail and followed it to Lime Creek. We blew up our one boat ferried the packs across and then Raina and I rode double across. No pics unfortunately!

Eventually we got to the morraine from the Russel glacier, but it continued to be amazing walking.


A lot of animals cross through here! Tons of bear and caribou tracks.


We crossed flood creek and found an awesome campsite up above it. The views were stunning.

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