Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6: Up and Over the Goat Trail

Raina and I left the airstrip fat and happy the next morning. It was pleasant walking out of the mud and up onto the goat trail.


As we climbed up we walked past at least 30 goats in different groups all around us.


It was beautiful up there in the pass, but also cold and windy, so Raina and I continued down the valley, staying just above a nasty lateral moraine.


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We stopped just shy of where the valley pinches off in a nice patch of trees and set up camp. Raina with her eagle eyes spotted the 2 black bears. They were small so soon we were wondering where the mama was. Soon we saw her and another cub. We called out and made sure she saw us. The next 2 hours were straight out of a National Geographic special. We debated packing up, but the mama bear seemed unthreatened and non aggressive so we just waited till she moved on, before we went to bed.


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