Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 8: Floating Down the Chitistone River

It was a glorious sunny morning when Raina and I woke up, unfortunately the large beautiful mountains were blocking us from the rays. The Chitistone river was running low and Raina and I crossed it on foot, although I wore my drysuit, but Raina toughed it out! We debated putting in the river the whole time we walked down it. It looked awesome, super fun, low volume adventure. The remoteness though, and lack of helmets weighed heavy on our confidence and we kept walking.



We put in a little above where Glacier creek comes in to the Chitistone. The floating was awesome!! Super fun and fast.

We took out on Peavine bar in hopes of staying in a cabin, but there was a surprising amount of people there. We walked to the airstrip and counted four planes, neither of us were feeling super social so we decided to set camp instead of checking out the peeps in the cabin. It was a beautiful night to be outside.
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