Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 7: Amazing Day on the Goat Trail

I spotted the mamma bear and cubs first as I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee. Her and the cubs had already walked by our camp without us noticing. Raina and I decided we had enough of the nature show and quickly packed up and headed past the bears down the valley.

The colors of the mountains were amazing as we traversed up and across. The trail was exposed in places, but for the most part great footing.




The walking was amazing all the way down the valley. The walls around Chitistone Falls were steep and tall.


The colors of the tundra continued to be amazing as we made our way down to the Chitistone river.

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Outside of a short misadventure down a bear trail that ended above a waterfall and a class 5 bushwhack back uphill we made it to the Chitistone river fairly easily.


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