Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Nizina River and Walk Back to McCarthy

My thermarest wasn't the same after the fire on Nicoli creek the morning before, and I woke up eagerly from an uncomfortable nights sleep. I was ready to float again, the bushwhacking the day before had worn my hiking enthusiasm down.

Opportune Gravel Bar on the Nizina River


The Nizina is a smooth flowing river that has many channels. On average we were floating 8-11 mph, without paddling. It was really, really nice packrafting. Gentle with pretty views, 13 miles floated by in under 2 hours. We saw the old Nizina bridge standing decrepit and unusable except as a landmark, and pulled out. There was the option to continue the float to Chitna, but all the variables weren't lining up....

Caitlin Floating Down the Nizina


Old Nizina River Bridge


It was about a 9 mile walk back to the car from the takeout on the Nizina, but it felt so much easier than the bushwhack the day before that the miles really melted away.

Caitlin and I

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Overall an amazing trip, made rewarding by all the unknowns, tricky travel, superb mountain views, and great partner. I have lots of ideas for next year and hope to do many more trips to this part of alaska.

D.22:EG.700 TD.43.5

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ginnylynnpeterson said...

I ~heart~ trails!! What an awesome awesome awesome adventure...the photos are just amazing! Miss you!