Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drive to McCarthy

Caitlyn and I had planned on doing a trip toward the end of September for at least 2 months, and I think that's why when the day came we still had lots of ideas but no real plan. The beauty of the situation though was that both of us were completely unfazed with just having ideas, maps, and lots of gear and getting out of town.

The Wrangells


The Wrangells rise above the flat land that surrounds Glenallen, and I think that makes them look even more massive because of that. This mountain range is obscured by the clouds far more often than not.


As we pulled onto the Chitna road the sun was getting close to set and we decided to get out and stretch and pull out the maps to figure out where to go. Caitlyn really wanted to spend some time in her boat, but neither of us had any solid beta about the rivers. I called my friend Raina and she told me about McCarthy Creek and a possible route over to the Nizina river. It looked pretty obvious on the map and so the intention was defined, and on we drove down the 60 mile dirt road that leads to McCarthy.

Caitlyn and the Maps

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