Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little Exploration in Girdwood

I still had a couple more days off after my McCarthy trip and had planned on doing laundry and being generally lazy, but the weather was good, and even better Kellie was in town and wanted to go play.

We ended up going up the Crow Pass trail a ways, and then crossing the creek and heading up a ridge on that side with the intent of taking the skyline ridge back to the top of the pass and then hit the trail and come back down...It looked very doable from where we were, although we couldn't see the whole route.

Gotta Go Down to Go Up


The red tundra, yellow grass, and blue sky made an artful scene. Kellie and I got to do some awesome side hilling, then gained the ridge and headed up.

Brilliant Fall Colors


Going Up


In the end the part we couldn't see was the part that was the most sketchy and shut us down, but it was still a super fun hike, and a cool glimpse down valleys and up mountains I hadn't seen before.

Nice Ridgeline

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Note to Self: Go up ridgeline directly across from the creek.


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