Thursday, September 16, 2010

McCarthy to National Pass

Caitlin and I parked at the end of the road and proceeded to have a yard sale sized gear explosion. Now that we had an objective we could finally pack. We lucked out and caught the shuttle from McCarthy to Kennicott the last day it was running, saving ourselves a boring 5 mile road walk.

Caitlin Flattening Her Boat


Initially our idea was to head up to the Bonanza mine and gain the ridge then take that to National Pass, but when we popped above treeline we realized that we should just head up National pass directly instead. Its so cool to wander in the mountains and see old remnants of mines, it was a whole different world up here a 100 years ago.

Walking Through Kennicott


The weather was amazing. Crystal blue skies with occasional traces of whispy clouds. It was HOT outside, especially walking uphill, panties and sports bras seemed like plenty of clothing. Although those pics are pretty cute, I'm a bit to modest, and Caitlyn's were even funnier than mine : )

Mt. Blackburn and the Root and Kennicott Glaciers


When we got to the pass we debated heading down to McCarthy creek, but it was already in the shade, plus our view from the pass was amazing. So we enjoyed the last couple hours of light swatting black flies and eating dinner.

Caitlin at Our Campsite

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Caitlin saw a bear on her way to get water, it was a ways away, but as we watched he came closer and closer. We felt validated for bringing 2 cans of bear spray instead of 1. It took the bear about a 1/2 hour to traverse the mountain until he was directly above our tent. Both of us had been debating how much noise we should make or wait till it got closer to really let it know we were there. Luckily for us he headed back up the mountain instead of down to the pass where we were...definitely took a little while to fall asleep!


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