Friday, September 17, 2010

National Pass to Nicoli Creek

It was a spectacularly beautiful morning, and I was glad that we had decided to camp in the pass. It was too brilliant to rush the morning, so we sat in the sun and savored the gorgeous views.

Mt. Blackburn and Donaho Peak


From the pass we followed a rock glacier about 2,000+ feet down to McCarthy creek. The sun was glorious and we took our time blowing up our boats and eating lunch.

Caitlin at the Bottom of the Rock Glacier


Neither of us really knew much about McCarthy creek other than people have packrafted it. It's a pretty low volume river, and the water levels were low because of the cool nights and dry days. It started off fast and splashy, and never really let up. We portaged a canyon section that looked fun but without helmets or throw bags could have been epic. A super worthy float that I could see doing as a sweet day trip from would have been better to not have overnight packs.

Caitlin on McCarthy Creek


We left McCarthy creek where Nicolai creek came in and walked the stream bed up until it started to canyon out. From there it was in and out of the trees, relatively slow travel, but nothing extremely unpleasant. When the sun was close to setting we left the trees for a bare patch of river bar and set up camp.

Gotta Love the Trees

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It was clear and cold, the stars were amazing with no light pollution.


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