Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eagle River Valley

Super fun day out top-roping steep ice that I was happy to not be leading. Great company with Ry, George Anne and Andrew. The skiing back to Echo Bend was super cruiser and hard packed. The air was cold in the bottom of the valley, but warmed up at least 10 degrees at the base of the climbs.

Skiing up the River


The Hurdy Gurdy Routes


Route Next to Spruce Pitch


Great Friends

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Julie said...

Hey Sherrie, Great photos as usual! Can you get to the top of that super steep section from the top of Spruce Pitch? Or did someone have to lead that part? Looks like fun!

Sherrie Soltis said...

You can easily walk over from the top of spruce pitch, there are also a bunch of really fun steep lines on that right now, but somehow I didn't get any pics of it..: ) It would be really hard to protect the lead on the other pitch, would be super fun with some bolts though...