Friday, January 8, 2010

Sick and Unmotivated

I've been sick for a full week now. The first 4 days were debilitating, I had to sit, lay, and sleep all day. The next 3 days were snotty with a hacking cough and lots of lugies. On day 5 I couldn't stand another minute of sitting so I went for a "ski" and was in direct sunlight for about 20 minutes. It was glorious.


Now I am mostly better, still a bit snotty and low energy. But mostly I feel unmotivated. I need to go explore some different areas. I've already done a ton of repeats this winter, which is fine...but I really need to go do something new!
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May we each inspire one another to achieve all we dream of..... said...

I would never say you of all people are EVER unmotivated!! You can always head east for a change of scenery!!!

Sherrie Soltis said...

I'm sitting on the couch today and don't want to do anything....that's unmotivated to me : )