Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hicks Creek Exploration

I don't remember exactly what Billmier said that made me turn around, but when I looked back all I saw was his arms and head sticking out from the snow. By the time I got there he was all the way in the hole looking at how far under his snow machine it extended. That was where we abandoned the machine and started back on skis.

Billmier's Hole


Coming out of the Hole


Awesome Narrow Canyon Skiing


Big Walls, No Ice, Crappy Rock

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Unfortunately, no climbing to be had this day, but I feel like I got to explore a good chunk of Hicks creek. I could see where the two climbs would have been, but there was only a small smear of ice and lots of stunning, but unconsolidated rock....huge potential if there was ever more moisture.


ginnylynnpeterson said...

holy smokes!!!

Anonymous said...

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