Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its Still Big and Steep: Gravel Creek Pillar

After skiing Ry and I were going to head straight to Valdez, but we got side tracked and ended up going up to the Bench to visit Bill. Since we were up there it only made sense to stay a day and go climb at Gravel creek....except that it was stupid cold out there...his thermometer said -3, but I think it was getting some heat from the yurt....

So off we went wearing puff coats through the woods...when we dropped from the bench to Gravel creek I could feel almost a line where it got even colder. My thermometer only goes to -20, but I think it was a little colder...When I can ski with 2 pairs of long underwear, shchoeller pants, and my puff pants, super puff coat and five top layers and not over heat, its reached stupid cold conditions. But at that point we were only 1/2 hour from the how could we not continue?

So Cold!




The thermometer said it was only -5 at the base of the had warmed up 15 degrees, the ice was actually soft looking with some running was looking pretty good. But I knew it was cold, and I had done this climb before so I knew that it was harder, longer and steeper than it looked, I knew it would be difficult. I have this guilt though, I know I could lead it, so I left it up to fate to decide, and fate wants me toughen up a little off I went.

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I really want to get in shape. I feel like I should be climbing harder and stronger than I am. I made it up and I didn't flail, take, or fall, but I felt like I could have climbed it better. I want steep ice to feel easier than it does...but that's what keeps it challenging I guess...

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Merrick said...

I can't wait to join you for the chickaloon adventures