Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Awesome Pillar

The awesome pillar was formerly mentioned as Pillar X. Its pretty much one of the most beautiful climbs I've ever seen. Its about a 9 mile snow machine ride down the Mat river from Hicks creek, and then a 2 hour ski up the awesome valley. Billmier and Jon did some awesome trail maintainence with their saws and now it would probably be even faster...: )

The Awesome Pillar
Photo By: Billmier


I've been thinking about this climb ever since me and Billmier went there a few weeks ago, I really wanted to go back. I think that it was only fair that I won the rosh. It looked really doable from the bottom, if I had truly realized how hard it was going to be I honestly probably would never have left the ground.

photo thanks: Billmier


I wish I could have done this route clean, but I got my tool stuck and just couldn't get it out, so I set a screw and had a good rest....then I used my other tool to chop my tool out...it probably really was divine intervention...or a good excuse to go back again. I'm mostly psyched to have made it up at all, it was a super hard lead for me.

Billmier Belaying an Unseen Jon

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Ralph said...

You know I am totally, insanely jealous!!!! It looks so cool!

Karen said...

yay! nice job...did you check out the climb across the valley up high?? another good one! see you in may.... karen

Sherrie Soltis said...

You will have to check it out sometime Ralph, and Karen I didn't see anything else across from us....how much farther up valley?

Noah said...

thanks for great pictures and the beta! do you know if this was Ninemile Creek or the one to the west?

thanks again, noah

Sherrie Soltis said...

Honestly Noah I'm not sure, but if you know where gravel creek is, this drainage is the third one down from that, and there is an awesome ski track up it!