Friday, February 12, 2010

Valdez Road Trip!!

It was pretty harsh waking up at 6am after a few busy days, but the lure of a Valdez road trip was strong and Ry and I were on the road by 8, and meeting Kremer in Chickaloon close to 9, we were a little behind the curve picking up Billmier, but made it to Valdez by close to 2, and had top ropes on Bridal Veil quickly.

Graffix on her princess bed, Bilmier and Kremer up front driving, Ry and I were in the far was a little funny.


The Beautiful Bridal Veil Falls


Billmier and I Simul Leading


Kremer lugged Graffix's dog bed to the base of the route and we all had a pretty leisurely afternoon. A good way to warm up to Valdez ice climbing.

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