Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eklutna Glacier Area

Jon and I didn't get an early enough of a start and got scooped on doing the Road to Nowhere climb, but found a very fun line just to the lookers right of the Miller Mite. All morning large and small spindrifts and powder avalanches were spilling off the steep walls of the mountains. Two people were getting ready to climb the Miller Mite when one came down over them. It looked huge, but was all fluff, you can see them in the pic below, and the sequence in the slide show.

Powder Cloud Coming Down Miller Mite


No Rosh-ing was necessary on this climb, John let me have the ice pitches and the questionable rock pitches were his. It all ended up being pretty mellow climbing, with spectacular views.

John Leading Pitch 2


I thought it was going to be a 2-3 pitch climb, but it was actually 4 pitches, everything turned out to be a lot bigger than it looked. The ice was thinnish in places and I got to practice being more delicate.

Jon Coming up Pitch 4


Top Out Shot

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I don't know what this climb is called, but it was definitely a worthy afternoon of climbing and being in the mountains.

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AlpineEssence said...

Looks fun Sherrie. I can't wait to move back to southcentral, get a machine, and hit up Eklutna regularly! This interior flatness gets the best of a brother sometimes...