Friday, December 4, 2009

Half Tracks: Ptarmigan Peak

I've heard my friend Lynn go on and on about how this is the coolest route ever and how she would do it again and again....I learned a lot of things this day, and one is that Lynn and I have different views of favorite climbs! There was no ice on this route, not even a thin verglas was like rock climbing with crampons and ice can't be mixed without ice right? I laughed so hard at myself, when my butt wasn't puckered because I thought for sure I was about to fall pretty much every move...but I have to admit the whole day out was super fun and I'm already looking forward to bugging Billmier about going back in February...

Me Flailing on the First Pitch


One of the coolest things about this route is that its in the mountains. We had to ski for at least an hour, then walk uphill for at least 45 mins, then we got to the route...for some reason traveling human powered really appeals to me, and being up in the heart of the mountains vs a canyon makes it infinitely more aesthetic to me.

Bill Post-Holing on Pitch Two


I made it up without yelling "TAKE" even though I kinda wanted to, and I didn't actually ever even fall, even though it felt like I was always about too. I say I flailed because the climbing felt so awkward and alien...standing on rock edges with my crampons just does not feel solid, likewise wiggling tools barely in moss or on the rock just does not feel natural to me. I am a destructive over sinking pick breaking machine....being delicate is actually not my natural inclination...

Me Laughing at Myself Flailing on the Third Pitch

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Bill called this route half tracks, because its really only half of ski tracks. Again I feel kind of like the discouraging partner, easily agreeing when Bill puts the idea of bailing out was getting dark in an hour, still had the crux pitch, and another one, plus the hike to ridge and down to the pass and back to hopefully where we stashed our skis...I actually really enjoy climbing with someone that has the prudence to spot a pretty high probability dark mini epic and suggest a reasonable alternative : )

Bill Rappelling the Route


Awesome views all day, the front range is a pretty cool place to go. I look forward to improving my dry tooling/crampon maneuvers and going back when we have more than 6 hours of will be fun!!!

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