Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lost Chord: Hunter Creek

Out of all the frozen rivers I have walked down, this is the river I have fell into more times than any other. The most spectacular snow puff plummet, as well as the last oversize crater collapse were fresh in my mind as I made my way down the river...sometimes its a little sketchy...this day was relatively cruiser on skis.

Sometimes I Don't Want to Take Off my Skis
Photo by: Bill Billmier

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The whole canyon seemed pretty dry when compared to previous seasons. Hollow head is a skinny pillar with what looked like an abundant spraying water supply overhead. The one past that on the right was climbable...and then the climb across from lost chord was super skinny, it looked WAY more exciting than usual. Lost chord however was like a glowing blue beacon and as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be real good.

Looking Down Lost Chord

I was feeling a little tired from the ski and climb up Ptarmigan the day before, but still decided to do the customary Rosh since I felt fairly ambivalent and slightly lame for not leading any pitches the day before...I won. The hardest part of this climb for me is always the top. Since I climb it in one long pitch the rope drag gets intense towards the top...its a little brutal...but also doable so I can't stop doing it.

Lost Chord

I'm starting to almost feel like an ice climber again, although I still need to get a lot more mileage in before I catch up to where I was at the end of last season...I always wish I was just a little better than I am : )

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