Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chickaloon River Exploration

We were supposed to snowmachine back the chickaloon river and go ice climbing....I was pretty excited to see some new climbs...unfortunately the river conditions were not very we turned around and Ryan gave RyRy and I the snow machine tour of was pretty awesome.

My Frosty Face


Ryan brought a chainsaw with us, and below is what the "trail" looked like before the chainsaw....pretty gnarly....but chains saws are awesome alder killing machines and made quick work of all the scragglers.

Ryan Looking Through the Alders


Chickaloon River Overflow


I learned that there is a road that goes almost to the base of castle mountain, left over from the mining days. I can't wait to go back up there in the summer....or this winter if another snowmachiner doesn't mind a tag a long. I was seriously inspired to buy a snowmachine after this day. The access to the back country is astonishing, there are so many new routes I could check out.....a new goal for 2010.

Castle Mountain

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