Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Dreamy Day Floating: Sunburst

Almost all I have to say about this day is that if I could ski powder like that every day I might never climb that felt blasphemous to type...but it was SO good!

Leaving the Car!


The light at the beginning of the day was slightly flat, but by the last run it was fantastic...unfortunately bad pics do no justice....

Creamy, Beautiful Powder Turns


Ry and Josh in Turnagain Pass


Ry Skinning up Sunburst

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If I didn't dislike skiing in the dark so much it probably would have been a lot harder to leave...four amazing runs, each better than the preceding one until I got the last run in the widest, best light, open section, of brilliant powder...I wish I could color my words with the enthusiam I feel just remembering the day....

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