Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Three Ring Circus: Eagle River

The trail was slick and I flew down it on my skis, thankful I had brought them out...Its a good day when my beat up approach skis actually glide on the snow. Temps were pushing 32, and it felt balmy compared to last week. The river looked iffy at rapids camp, so I ditched the skis and headed back on the main trail to echo bend. Crossing the river across from the climbs was no problem, the sub zero temps last week made the river ice thick and stable.

Hollow icicle looked thinner than usual, I still haven't topped out on that route...its just to freaking creepy every time I try.

Hollow Icicle


I love three ring circus. Super moderate, long, and in the mountains, I think that is all I really need to be happy. The ice was thick on the main pitches, and the mellow bits in between were much more exciting with only a couple inches of ice and water to look at.

Three Ring Circus

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Top Out Self Portrait


The river was super solid and I walked back to rapids camp on it without difficulty, from there another zippy ski back to the car....a lovely day out.

Eagle River


Slide Show

Its hard to decide what to do when I want to go ice climbing but am lacking a partner...usually I throw my rope, 2 screws, and v-thread tool in my pack for "just in case"....I know soloing isn't the most brilliant idea out there....but it really is a lot of fun on moderate ice routes.

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