Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Willow Creek: Branching Out

After quite a bit of confusion on my part as to how we would drive from Hatcher Pass to Willow in 5 minutes after floating 9 miles I finally got on the program. Its unfortunate that I did not know there was a Wasilla Fishhook rd, Willow Fishhook rd, and a Palmer Fishhook road. In retrospect I knew where all these roads were, just didn't remember they all had the same fishhook part in their name...thought there was only that one in Wasilla....but anyways...

Krista, Matt, and I put in on the Willow creek in a muggy mist. The river was crystal clear with huge red salmon easily visible, Matt is a fishing expert, and he told me they were kings....I believe him, they were huge, RED and entertaining to float next too, over and with.

Krista on the Beach

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The river was super mellow, lower than usual I think, but still plenty of water to not do any dragging ass. We accidentally took a narrow but deep channel off the main river, no waves, but some pretty good practice maneuvering around steep corners and in between narrower areas...

I want to say it took about 3 1/2 hours, but we did it pretty leisurely. Super mellow, but pretty.

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