Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Girls and One Dog: Running Lost Lake

I was planning on running Lost Lake today by myself, but the day before Krista said she had never done Lost Lake and has always wanted was so perfect. Although we have never ran a single mile together we decided to go for it and left town at a reasonable hour to try and beat the heat.

Its pretty hazy down toward Seward too, all the mountains look very subdued behind the haze.

Kenai Lake


The uphill part of this run felt longer than it usually does and I kept telling Krista that only one more hill and then we would pop out of the trees, by the 5th time we still hadn't popped out, I wasn't even convincing myself anymore.

Krista and I finally Leave the Trees


The air blew so much more vigorously without the forest around to swaddle us...and I welcomed it. I was pretty much dripping sweat.

Krista and Loki


I love running. Its really cool where your feet can take you in a matter of hours. I especially like mellow runs where enjoying the view is as important as moving. Its nice to look at the flowers, take the random photo, and savor the moment.

The Biggest Lost Lake

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Awesome day out, lots of chatting, no racing, successful hitchhiking, and lots of exercise. Although Krista's longest run of the year was only at 8 miles, she did awesome with the 15 and totally sucked up blisters, chaffing, and muscle cramps to keep going...tough girl!!


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