Monday, July 27, 2009

Granite Creek Float

Granite Creek was super mellow, narrow in places, with great mountain views. The fireweed is going nuts right now up in Turnagain Pass, the start of the last hoorahs of color before the white season is back upon us.

The World is Alive with Color

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Me, Kellie and Raina


Raina came around a turn, and oh my! Huge tree in the way. She jumped out of her boat and onto the tree, unfortunately I didn't get that moment digitized, just the walk around aftermath.

Darn Trees


I'm finding it very difficult to paddle and take pictures at the same time. Things worth taking pictures of either pass by too quickly, or I'm to engaged with not running into rocks and trees that I can't take pictures....I'll work on it!

Kellie and Raina


This float ended up being 12 miles, and took us about 4 or so hours. There was a bit of stopping and a lot of laughing, a perfect float for a mellow day out.