Monday, May 5, 2008

Tenderfoot Area

When I woke up on Saturday it was gorgeous in Anchorage...I even put on sun screen before I left the house in anticipation of the sun burn I would get. Every time I drive from sunny Anchorage down around the corner of Turnagain Arm I am amazed at how two areas that are so close can have a completely different weather system. Gone was the sun, clouds dominated the skies, grey, low, and stormy.

Kellie and I

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Optimism can carry me pretty far along a day. I can be blown over by the wind, blinded by the clouds, and still hold on to hope that it might get sunny out later....the times that I have been rewarded by persevering in my optimism tend to make up for days when the reality of the situation just won't go away.

It looked so awesome how the wind would come up around Kellie, and create this ethereal white sideways wall around her...I wish my camera could have captured the tendrils of white better, but I can still see them in my mind....



Its been so long since I have gone skiing in the mountains that even though I'm usually a huge ski snob (not powder, not going) it just felt good to be outside moving up the mountains by my own power. I feel so easily satisfied by just being outside.
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