Friday, May 23, 2008

I Love Pack Rafting

I had a really cool opportunity last week to float the Matanuska River from Glacier Park to King Mountain Lodge with some friends. I was really psyched to go because they were using two big rafts and a kayak, so I figured there was plenty of people out and about to rescue me when I flipped my boat...have I mentioned what a novice pack rafter I am!

Me and the Big Boats


What I love about packrafting is the smile that is glued to my face because of how absurd it feels to float about in something that looks like a pool toy....but they totally work! I wish I could have taken pictures of some of the bigger waves I went through, but I was pretty focused on staying in my boat!

Me and My Pool Toy


I defintitely could not have done this trip without a drysuit, so a special thanks to Kellie for hooking me up!! I am so not into suffering, especially hypothermia, and I pretty much sat in glacier water all day as my little raft continuously took on more water, then I would dump in out and it would all start over!

The View from My Boat


We totally lucked out with the weather as well. It felt like the rain storm was following us the whole way down the river, but the most we got was a few sprinkles.

A Look Up River

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I now feel totally inspired to do more packrafting. It is a pretty amazing way to travel, and the potential for new areas of exploration are huge!

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