Monday, May 26, 2008

Eklutna Lake Bike Ride

Lynn and I went and biked around Eklutna Lake to pick up some stuff I had left at the Serenity Falls Cabin. I had no idea what a biker my friend Lynn is....She had bike shorts, gloves, the helmet, the back pack...she looked super official. I'm a beginner biker....although I have always ridden a bike, I've never properly learned how they work and need to be maintained. I don't want to embaress myself further, but I'll just say Lynn taught me some very important basic bike riding concepts!

Lynn the Biker Chick


Scenic Scenery


Lynn and I Self Portrait Style


Erosian in Action

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So not only am I not a good biker, but my body doesn't really likes biking really kicks my butt....literally, my bones still feel bruised. My internal whine definitely popped out a few times....