Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Slave to the Textbooks

This whole school thing seriously interferes with my climbing pursuits. Instead of going out for long days, and long routes, I find myself with a couple hours here and there to sneak off for a quick ski, or trip into the Eklutna Canyon. After such a stellar December climbing ice almost every day, its harder to switch back into study, sit on my ass all day mode. I seriously start feeling like a crazy lady when I go a couple days without getting out climbing. I know I shouldn't even remotely complain, but this is my blog and my favorite saying is "I'll do what I want!!" So there was my pathetic spoiled brat rant on the injustices of actually having to be productive in life instead of just vacationing and climbing.

Chris Rappelling Down TJ Swann


So today I showed up to lab in my belay skirt, stinky poly pro and fleece partner was like..and I seriously quote, "whats that smell, is it me...I took a shower", and I was standing next to him, smelling my own stench, and said, "no its me and I haven't showered and this is probably the fifth time I've worn this shirt without washing it." I suppose I should care enough to be embarrassed, but I don't.
So I stayed in lab for two hours practicing giving injections, and then bolted out at 11 to head to Eklutna Canyon. I lost the rosh on Ripple, and then we went to TJ Swann. I am SO GLAD that I didn't try to lead it....I would be smelling a lot stinkier now if I had. So instead I threw a top rope on it, and that was exciting enough. It never looks steep, but it felt seriously overhanging going from the dry tool moves to the detached curtain. Super pumpy fun! I wish I could get out more, but I'm thankful that I still can get out and climb mid week at all.
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Mike said...

Hey !!!!!!
It's Mike from Canada ! Met outside of Phortse. Remember?! you went out to dinner with Deb and I in Thamel
Holy Crap u r a busy girl, I laughed my ass off when I read your comments on back to school. I found your Blog site by accident, this is so cool
I just can't get the Khumbu outta my head man, I need to go back. I followed Ryan's progress after we met, and saw he summited That's awesome!!!

Sherrie Soltis said...

Hi Mike! I do remember! I think we went to that New Orleans jazz restaurant or something close to that restaurant and enjoyed good food, beer and company. Hows the smoking or lack of coming?
Nepal is such a amazing place, my mind wanders back to the time I had there a lot too. If I had the chance I would definitely go back and do some more trekking. they are building a road around the Annapurna's, it would be cool for you to do a trip there before they are done with it.
What have you been up to in Canada?
Great to hear from you!

Mike said...

Smoke Free 3 months this past tuesday

email is :

Sherrie Soltis said...

Good for you! Thats pretty proud!

Andy Schriner said...

Hi there! I found your blog while searching for "belay skirt" - I've been thinking about making one for my girlfriend. I'm curious about yours, because I haven't seen anything like what I have in mind out there yet. Where did you get it, what is it made of, how do you like it?? Thanks!

Sherrie Soltis said...

Hi Andy, not sure if you'll get this, was trying to reply directly but am not feeling particularly computer savvy at the moment ; ) the brand in skhoop and they are made here in ak by swedish woman. they are awesome!!! Highly recommended for technical outings and for being out and about town without long undies on cold days. Hope that helps!