Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

I will never again put a B rated Black Diamond pick on my ice tool. This is the 5th pick I have snapped in a year. Four times last season I looked down at the end of my tool wondering why it wasn't going in, only to see the sharp pointy end gone. I have only climbed about 20 days on this new pick, and about 15 feet up today I heard a "ting, ting, ping" and saw "another one gone, another gone, another one bites the dust" thats the song that was running thru my head, as I down climbed, thankful that I wasn't in a more desperate situation. Has anyone else out there had this problem? I used to use the T rated pick, and have never snapped one, but these B rated picks are garbage.

My Mean Face and the End of Another Pick

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Clint Helander said...

that's some serious user error...hmmm!

That is weird though, and good to know.

Hey Sherrie, I added you to my blog links!


Eric said...

Hey Sherrie,
We've never met but I work / used to work with your brother... I just quit...

anyway - where is your cover photo taken?

Sherrie Soltis said...

Most of my photos that are just my head and part of my arm are taken self portrait style by me....If your referring to the photo where it looks like I had seen the sun recently and am not wearing a million layers, hat and helmet, that was taken on a trip I did in Nepal, the picture from my last post was taken at the bottom of ripple in the Eklutna canyon right after I snapped another pick.

When you say you used to work with my brother, which one were you referring to? I have two!

Do you climb?


PS: I like your blog clint, the pictures of you on Hypercard turned out beautiful...who was your photographer?