Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hunter Creek

One good thing about this 45 degree plus weather is that the ice is HERO!! Even though my ropes got soaked, I got a lot of deep first sticks today. It was fantastic!

A Beautiful Cloud Rewards My Early Endeavors



Usually I am the only person out that has a camera, so I have a ton of pictures of other people
rapplelling, or climbing, and only self portraits of me at the top. Ry actually took some pics today, and I was so proud, because he usually just carries it around with him, but never takes it out. Although I don't have any of his pics, maybe some day I will.

Lost Chord AKA Ripple on Steroids



I got to lead lost chord today, and it was so fun. The ice was great, and I took the business side of the climb, which contrary to most climbs actually looks steeper than it is. Great day out!
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